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Re-Imagining Railway Stations

Our proposal is not a one size fits all design. Working with leading engineers, fabricators and sustainability consultants, we propose a ten step station design tool that can appraise a site, generate a brief and business case and propose improvements or even a new station.

Our design tool will take into account customer numbers and demographics. It will identify where regional
branch lines interconnect smaller communities to make cultural and community events viable.


In response to the generated brief, we propose a modular kit of parts based on a timber construction with minimal embodied carbon. These modules can be centrally manufactured using established prefabricated house building technology and could be distributed using the railway on flat-bed wagons.
Prefabrication will reduce costs, increase quality and minimise Whole Life Costs. This standardised kit of parts is embellished and contextualised with the use of regional vernacular materials to complete the exterior rain screen panels. This process would engage with the local community using the local supply chain and craftspeople.

Client:       Network Rail
Location:   United Kingdom
Status:       Competition Proposal
Team:        Lead Architect:           JCA

                 MEP / Sustainability:  Max Fordham



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