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Anise Workshop

JCA recently won an open-call competition to design a temporary incubator space in Malham Road, Forest Hill, south-east London.  The site contains an old Methodist church hall and garage lock-up space. 


The project will create temporary work space and provide a new gallery and events space.

The Anise Workshop will be defined by a new street elevation, a translucent secure hoarding, diaphanous in nature and contrasting with the solid Methodist church elevation. This new portal aligns to a long table, running from outside to in. The placement of the new gable end creates a ghosted profile of a building that may previously have existed. The translucent hoarding will act as a support of projections and incorporate signage and publicity, communicating with the local community.

The work space design was inspired by friends, gathered around a long table, sharing ideas and telling stories. A series of flexible units are treated as pods within the main gallery space.

Client:         Anise Gallery
Location:     Forest Hill, London
Status:         Concept
Team:          Structural Engineering:   Conisbee
Size:            3,000 sq ft GIA



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