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7 College Road

The client, a freelance photographer and his artist partner, sought to create additional space in their Victorian house with views out of the garden and sky.

A cedar-clad box was proposed, inspired by the angular forms of cameras. The extension is positioned to form a small courtyard enclosing the back door of the house. The geometry of these forms is a response to the irregular shape of the site boundary with the exterior walls being an offset of the garden walls. Windows and openings have been carefully located to exclude any overlooking views from neighbouring properties while maximising views of the existing garden and sky. The extension is constructed from timber frames with exposed flitch beams forming the roof structure. Preserving the pure forms of the faceted form, concealed gutters are located behind the rain screen cladding.


Client:          Private
Location:      Southampton, UK
Status:          Completed 2018
Team:           Structural engineer:    Wedeman Consulting



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